Buying Outdoor Furniture Covers

Having outdoor living spaces is a luxury that many people can’t get enough of. Relaxing outside in the cool evening or sitting with your coffee as the sun rises in the morning generally fills you with a sense of peace. If you are like most, you take pride in your outdoor furniture that you worked so hard to buy so why let it be damaged by time and weather?

When you go back indoors and stay there for the harsh winters and blistering summers, you need to be sure you protect your furniture from the rain, snow, wind, and even the harsh sun.

Buying Outdoor Furniture Covers
Buying Outdoor Furniture Covers

No matter what type of material your outdoor furniture is made of, it will get damaged over time by harsh weather. Wood and metal furniture is particularly expensive and can wear much faster than other materials if you don’t take care of it. This is why choosing a furniture cover for your outdoor furniture is essential.

Continue reading below to learn how to pick the right type of cover for your outdoor furniture!

What type of materials should you get?

Buying outdoor furniture covers isn’t something that you should do on a very tight budget. Going cheap and buying low quality covers made of cheap vinyl or plastic will only protect your furniture for a season or two because those covers wear out fast and are easily damaged despite being created to protect. Since higher quality furniture covers can be made by a number of materials you need to look for a few key features to determine if it’s a good cover or not.

First, check to see if it’s thick and it’s waterproof. Additionally you will need something UV resistant because the sun can definitely do some damage. Lastly, check to make sure that the back of the cover is soft so that it doesn’t scratch your furniture.

How big should the cover be?

Buying custom fit covers is the more expensive route to take but also the one that will ensure your furniture is adequately protected. If you cannot find a furniture cover that fits the dimensions exactly, do not go and buy the next size up or down because those will not provide the maximum amount of protection and you may have unsightly wear spots from areas that weren’t protected due to the cover.

While buying a larger cover may seem like an ideal solution, many of these will be like wind catchers and will inflate with the smallest gusts of wind. Once wind gets under the cover it can blow the cover clear off!