Cowhide Rugs: A Combination of Beauty and Versatility

In today’s world, there are more choices than ever before when it comes to home décor. With the variety of tastes people exhibit when decorating their homes, it’s no wonder that more and more styles, designs, and products are becoming available almost daily. For people who find themselves in need of unique and stylish floor covering, there is no better choice than cowhide rugs. With their combination of beauty and versatility, they offer numerous ways to make any home shine.

Cowhide Rugs: A Combination of Beauty and Versatility
Cowhide Rugs: A Combination of Beauty and Versatility

Endless Array of Patterns and Styles

What has made cowhide rugs so popular is the seemingly endless array of patterns and styles available to customers. Whether it’s a patchwork rug consisting of light and dark squares of hide or an animal print design such as a zebra cowhide rug, the possibilities are virtually unlimited. Also contributing to the popularity of these rugs is the ability to find styles that cater to both conservative as well as modern home designers, enabling almost any type of home to find patterns and styles to fit the surrounding décor.

Long-Lasting and Safe

When making any investment in home design, it’s important to purchase products that are made to last. That’s one of the biggest advantages of cowhide rugs, since they are made to last decades without wearing out or fading in color. In addition to this, cowhide rugs have been shown to be perhaps the safest type of animal material used in homes. Rarely leading to allergic skin reactions, the rugs don’t attract bacteria or other germs due to the natural oils contained in the hide. A perfect choice for people with severe allergies, cowhide rugs are made to absorb little if any liquid, meaning they rarely if ever mold or mildew.

Unmatched Versatility

Along with being long-lasting and a great fit for families with allergies, cowhide rugs are also virtually unmatched in their decorating versatility. While the majority of people use the rugs as floor covering, others choose to use them in unique ways. Due to them being so lightweight, many people choose to use them as beautiful wall hangings on stone, brick, or textured walls. In some homes, the rugs are used as throws on recliners or sofas, due to their variety of shapes and color tones.

Considered to be very affordable luxury for any home, cowhide rugs are thought by many interior designers to be the best choice as a decorating accessory in today’s modern homes. Easy to maintain and lacking the harsh chemicals used in coloring fiber-based rugs and carpets, they provide a long-lasting alternative to traditional decorating styles. As decorating styles continue to evolve in the years ahead, there’s little doubt cowhide rugs will continue to grow in popularity.