Don’t Purchase a Portable Air Conditioner just yet!

Before doing your portable air conditioner research, I want to spend a few moments to tell you about something that can literally save you hundreds of dollars. Unless you’re already an expert in this field, most people don’t know what they are about to buy when it comes to a portable AC unit.

I understand they are a popular solution to cooling off a room. Some consumers purchase them for computer server rooms, college students buy them for their dorm rooms, and just about anyone without central air conditioning wants a portable air conditioner (unless they are happy with fans).

Don't Purchase a Portable Air Conditioner just yet
Don’t Purchase a Portable Air Conditioner just yet

Unfortunately, buying portable air conditioning units can be a little tricky. The truth is, most of these units will only come with a single hose, but portable AC manufacturers will tell you it is not enough. You need to utilise two hoses (intake and exhaust) that can circulate the outside air around.

See, using a single hose means you remove the air from the home to the outdoors, but the portable AC blows the outside air into the room. It still provides a little benefit, but soon the room will be warm again.

If you have an intake hose (the dual hose), the air from the outside goes to the portable air conditioner and is eventually exhausted to the outside. While it sounds the same, the difference is your air in the room remains the same, because it doesn’t need to be sucked in from the outside. The end result is a room that will cool down faster and stay at a lower temperature.

Additional Cooling Tips

Even though we recommend purchasing a dual hose portable air conditioner unit, there are other ways to keep your room cool. The common option is shading any windows in the room. Just by keeping the sun out you can cool down the room. In addition, this approach keeps your portable AC from continuously running because of sunlight increasing the temperature in the room.

Another option would be placing the portable air conditioner in a “free-flowing” area. If you have furniture in front of your AC unit, it will take longer for the air to circulate throughout the room. This can also create issues with your AC.

One problem is not being able to cool the room. Often times, will shut off when restricted, because the cold air is lowering the temperature on the unit. It believes the room is cool, even though the rest of the room is warm.