How to Buy Quality Used Furniture

Some people may not like the idea of pre-used items however when dealing with furniture things are completely different. Oftentimes people who are selling their furniture have cared for it really well and simply want to replace it with newer furniture or get rid of it to move! Buying pre-owned furniture for your home can be a challenge if you are looking for a specific piece, but when you save hundreds of dollars it is well worth it!

So how do you buy quality used furniture? Well going to garage sales and estate sales is a start however you need to know a few things before you pull out your wallet to purchase a piece of furniture. Just like with cars and other items, when you are buying something pre-owned you need to completely inspect it inch by inch and follow some general guidelines to ensure you get a quality piece for your money.

How to Buy Quality Used Furniture
How to Buy Quality Used Furniture

First off you need to figure out what you want. If you want a wooden kitchen table with stone insets then wait until you find that perfect piece – settling for less will make you dissatisfied with your purchase later on and you may end up getting rid of it. Once you do find that perfect piece you need to visually inspect it; make sure that it is real wood (if that’s what you want), check to see if it has wear marks and damage, and feel if legs and parts are loose.

Once you’ve decided that the particular piece of furniture is what you want and is in good solid condition, you can then approach the seller and begin negotiating for it. Negotiation is where most people fall short. You can save $10, $50, and even more on some expensive furniture pieces so knowing how to negotiate is crucial. Seeming unsure and not too over eager about the piece is essential, additionally make sure to point out any flaws it may have that would potentially deter other buyers.

When you approach the seller go for a lower number than what you are willing to pay so that you can negotiate upwards. If a couch is selling for $400 and you want it for $300 say $250 and see what the seller responds with and negotiate towards your target number.

Now that you know how to efficiently purchase quality pieces of used furniture you can go to garage sales and estate sales with confidence and find the perfect pre-owned pieces for your home!

This article was written by James, who also writes for the best juicers 2016 blog.